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As we grow more conscious of how local food benefits our personal health, our communities, our economy and our planet the demand for local food grows as well. The links above are a guide to local businesses, markets and farms that provide fresh, locally-grown foods. Much of this information was provided by the Countryside Harvest Guide, a great resource for finding farm-fresh, locally grown produce and delicious foods made right here in Northeast Ohio.

Are you a local business owner that sources local foods? Let us know and we'll add your business to the guide.

Why buy local food?

People: Planet: Profit:
  • It tastes better
  • It's better for us - access to fresh, locally grown foods reduces the risk of diet-related illness like diabetes and heart disease
  • It is safer and more trustworthy because we know where it came from
  • It connects us to our local landscape and builds a stronger sense of place
  • It strengthens relationships between urban and rural communities
  • It's insurance against the rising cost of energy - increasing food security
  • About 19% of all fossil fuel consumption (one of every three trucks on the road) and as much as 37% of GHG emissions are due to the long-distance industrial food system.
  • It reduces energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from:
    • Petroleum based fertilizers and pesticides
    • Long-distance transportation
    • Intensive processing of unhealthy foods, meats and sugars
    • Energy-intensive packaging
  • It preserves rural farmland, promotes urban green space and protects natural biodiversity
  • It reduces stormwater in our cities, preventing water contamination and saving money for municipal utilities
  • It mitigates the heat island effect common in many urban areas
  • It strengthens the local economy - if we purchased only 10% of our food locally we could create a $350 million local food economy in Cleveland.
  • It keeps money in the local economy - a dollar spent at a farmers market stays in the local economy up to 2-3 times longer than a dollar spent at a national retailer
  • It supports small family farms and rural economies
  • It provides opportunities for green-collar jobs in industries like local food production, value-added processing and food waste composting

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