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i am exploring the possibility of converting my building into a for rent by the day,hour, or week

for qualified food producers in need of production facilities. the model i have read about in NYC. rents a space like mine for175.00-250.00 per hour.the space is fully equipped and "tenants" rent for4-6 hr.min. up to 12 hr. shifts, they have their own liability insurance and must sign a contract with terms of use. do you think people in cleveland would utilize such a facility? is anyone here interested?

michael feigenbaum

lucy's sweet surrender


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Not at those prices. New York real estate is highly inflated compared to here. It also depends upon location - local farmers wouldn't need a store front, and I would rather invest in easy loading access. There is a shared commercial kitchen in southeast ohio (I don't remember where i saw it) that has the type of program you're describing, and the Geauga Farm bureau, along with OSU extension offices, have been exploring the idea of a shared commercial kitchen for several years but it hasn't gotten anywhere.

I think Cleveland needs something like this and I have heard talk about an idea as such. However, that price is indeed discouraging for a place like Cleveland, OH. You can check out what churches typically price for their kitchens. The numbers I got after doing research was between $40 and $100/hour which is considered pricey. Nobody is investing in local kitchens anymore because there is barely any flexibility. Personally, producing my falafel dough would involve zero heat. So, I would only need running water to clean my vegetables. The case would be consistent for those working on projects like granola.


The unfortuante thing is that most places (including churches) do not recognize a difference between granola-making and catering....which is probably why their kitchens are not being used by anyone. Their philosophy is that whether one uses the oven or not, the opportunity is there and someone else could be using the oven at that time, which would make the facility more money for usage.


If you have further questions, feel free to contact me. In the meantime, my advice would be to compile numbers of what local facilities are charging. Many kitchens only rent their facilities to people they know, so pretty much anyone would be able to provide you with figures.


Good Luck!


Michael, we should talk again soon. But those NYC prices are not going to fly here. I'm used to paying about $75/day.
i agree the prices in nyc are higher than here. i would need to conduct a realistic cost analysis to come up with a fair rent. what some others charge may not be the only way to set the price. as an example does the facility have insurance or not, liability can be serious issue when things go wrong, for 75.00 per day the utilities alone are too high for such a low cost, not to mention wear and tear on equipment. any how i am open to the idea and would go forward with sorting out the details with a serious inquiry.


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