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Our family of five is moving to the Cleveland area in the third week of June after having been abroad for four years. We'd like something close to shopping and public transportation. It would be even better if we were in close proximity to a community with values like those espoused on this site.

We have steady, dependable income, references from previous landlords and a wealth of practical skills from years growing up on Midwestern farms, solar homesteading in the Sangre de Cristos and traveling the world.

If you have something or know of someone who might, please drop us an email. We're currently living on the other side of Lake Erie in Canada, and won't arrive in the area physically until around June 24, but we'd like to line something up before then.

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My wife, Beth started the 1st ever community garden specifically zoned as an urban garden space in the country. The creator "Local Food Cleveland" was a gardener there. We have four children Rachel 7, Claire 5, Anna 3, and Robert 1. I sent a message directly to you with my contact info. My wife, Rachel, & I were scheduled to go overseas to do missionary work when she became pregnant w/our daughter Claire. We were going to go to Bolivia. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. I know some other good landlords who may be able to help you too.


Al Mancuso
so what are you looking for ? 3bdrm bsmt. yard 5mins from dntw. $1,200 a month. will put you on a farm in Tremont.
we have a house available in beachwood
That sounds interesting. Could you email us at adobegal@gmail.com?


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