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From Amy at Crown Point Farm in bath, Ohio:

Hi Farmers!

I'm sorry I had to miss the OEFFA Real Food Chapter meeting yesterday in Wooster (for those of you in that group)--I had another engagement.  I hope the talk was good!  If any of you are interested in joining the NEOFarmer group for a meeting in Lakewood next Wedesday, March 27, I hope you'll join us.  We will be talking informally about spring planning tips, as well as putting together a schedule of farm walks for the whole season, that should be fun as well as informative. The main difference (as far as I understand, in any case) between the meetings the OEFFA Real Food chapter holds and these meetings is that they would have more of a farm visit and on-farm collaborative focus.  Farm visits will ideally be to a variety of farms of different sizes, enterprises, marketing models, etc.  What we all have in common is our belief in local, sustainable farming.
I believe that we all have a lot to share with each other that can help us all to improve and enjoy our farms even more, without undermining anyone's competitive edge.  If you agree, and would be interested in helping to cultivate a culture of information sharing/trading; equipment barters and shared purchases; intern work-day trades; and other possible collaborations among northeast Ohio sustainable farmers, I hope you'll come next Wednesday! I know it is a long drive up to Lakewood for many of you--not all meetings or farm walks will be in the direct metro-Cleveland area.
Here is the info on where we will be:  
Wednesday, March 27th from 6-8 pm 
Madison Branch of the Lakewood Public Library - basement meeting room
13229 Madison Ave, Lakewood 44107

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I am sorry that I missed this. Will there be another meet up soon? 


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