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I've recently acquired a position at the Black River Cafe in Oberlin, Ohio. I've had a standing interest in local and/or socially responsible foods, but have yet to work with others in the restaurnt business with my same ideas. This has all changed at the Black River Cafe as they have in place a full spectrum of responsible products that are dedicated sourced locally to an extream level. I'm reaching out to any shoppers or purveyors of local food in my search for some local seafood, and local artisianal cheeses that go beyond a soft goat cheese. The Cafe will be opening in the near future for dinner and we need to expand our offerings. I know there is cheese out there. Unfortunatly I'm not in contact with the right people yet. I have heard about shrimp, trout, and bass being farmed locally, but have found little more than minnow farms in my search so far. Feel free to e-mail me at mikey031@cox.net and enjoy my food blog at www.viewfromthekitchen.blogspot.com. Thank you.

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Pond perch is available at H-W organic farm in Sullivan OH, call Jim Patterson at 419-651-6703. He is a vendor at Kamm's Corners Farmers Market where you did chef demo. Glad you landed well in Oberlin. Let me know if you want to come out to demo again this summer.

Steve 216-252-6559 x1100
MIke did you get my email?

Brian Doyle
3660 Center rd. #118
Brunswick, OH 44212
my web sites:
i did get your e-mail. Thanks for the assistance.
Hi Michael -- Elaine Cicora, former restaurant critic for Scene magazine, here. We talked when you were at the Wonder Bar, a year or so back. Great to find you at Black River Cafe!

I am now working for Steve Schimoler, who operates Crop Bistro in the Warehouse District and who founded www.LocalCrop.com, an online farmers market serving area chefs and restaurants. Products are sourced from within a 150-mile region,and delivered fresh on Sysco trucks, traveling their regularly established routes. The goals are to support local farmers, reduce the carbon footprint, and provide the freshest, most wholesome locally grown and crafted products to chefs and their customers.

Regarding local cheeses, we have lots of them. Our suppliers include MIddlefield Original Cheese Co-op, which does three lines for us, including a variety of goat cheeses (the brick and cheddar styles are out of this world!) and about a half-dozen styles of cheeses made from milk from 100% grass-fed cows. Most of the dairy farmers are Amish, and the cheese maker is Amish.

We also carry a number of cheeses from Heini's, in Holmes County.

We've used almost all of them at Crop Bistro, and they really are a superior product. Please check out the website at www.localcrop.com. It is very easy to register and begin shopping. Also, you'll find profiles of our suppliers there, and profiles of other local chefs who use our market. And please email me if you have any other questions.

Best wishes!
Thanks for you info about cheese. As it turns out we have been using Middlefield for almost all of our cheeses already and we just picked out a few unique items. I also added Lake Erie Creamery to our purveyors. They have an ever expanding line of offerings. The chevre is great, the blooma is now an award winner. We samples a raw milk chedder that was really supurb. So i'm very happy with the local cheese everyone helped me find.
Dear Michael,

No doubt, you are already a valued asset to Joe, the owner! I believe he shares your enthusiasm for local, seasonal, fresh, organic, artisanally produced foods.

Be sure to attend, if you can the upcoming E4S (Entrepreneurs for Sustainability) meeting on all about local food growing. Over 400 people have registered to go, so far. You may very well be able to make a number of connections and gather a lot of information there, too, about local purveyors of the things for which you are looking.

I wish that I could be of more direct help, but I hope that E4S can help you with some networking.

Here's a cheese maker, cheese made from Amish-raised, 100% grassfed cows:

Northeast Pastures 100% Grass-fed Cheese
16942 Kinsman Rd.
Middlefield OH 44062

Hope this helps.

thanks kay, every little bit helps!
Our farm is in Wakeman down the road from you. We will have lots of fresh, naturally grown asparagus for sale late April - early May. Let me know if you are interested. Green and purple varieties. We also sell our free range eggs, blue and brown to local restuarants plus lots of yummy veggies. Look for our '72 VW Bus in the summer, you may have seen it at Kamms.
Chuck Murray,
Murray HIll Farm, yarrummkt@aol.com.



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