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I'm a semi-skilled gardener who's always started with plants.  I want to start working from seeds now.  I saved a few seeds last year but I'll need to buy most of my seeds. (I know I'm getting a late start...)  I was wondering if there are any existing local seed sharing groups that I could tap into rather than buy entire packets when I only need a few seeds. 

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Hi Carolyn

I don't know where you are located, but we had a seed swap in January in Cleveland Hts. and there are seeds left from that. Too many to inventory. What are you looking for?


Thanks for the reply Mari.  At this point, I think I'd just like some salad greens and herb seeds.  I'd love to participate in the swap next year. 

Hi carolyn,

Excuse the redundant post. There are seeds left and the "hot season" (if it ever happens) planting is just starting up, with all kinds of successions and fall planting as well...so, not too late for seeds. I'll get back to you with an inventory of herb seeds. I know for sure :cilantro/coriander, basil, chive,lavendar.

Also, I see that the Home Repair Resource Center is having a seed/plant swap on May 28 @2520 Noble Rd. CH,

10-1:30, if you want to check that out. They're good people.

Happy gardening. I love your comment in your profile that anyone can garden. So true.



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