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Hi, I have freshly frozen, Organic Grass Fed Choice Black Angus beef for sale by the 50 lb. or 100 lb. box. Each box contains an even share of all the retail cuts from across the entire beef. Our meats are USDA inspected and processed at our small local licensed facility, Mahan's Packing.
Quality and taste are our goals, and i am delighted to have the opportunity to share with those of you who respond quickly, as we only have a few animals to send out each year, the bounty of our small seventy acre farm in Northern Trumbull county.
I find that offering beef by the 1/4 or 1/2 leads to too much guesswork and confusion, so we do it this way instead. A 100 lb. is approx. a 1/4 of a beef, so we went as far as to break it down and offer a 50 lb. box also due to the economy and also to better serve those with smaller family's. The beef is cut and wrapped in portions equal to serving size for two adults.
The ground beef is 90-95% lean and very juicy and tasty and comprises 40% of the box, the remaining 60% is your steaks,roasts, and other cuts.
We have farmed this land since 1994 and i have been involved in agriculture all my life. We feature humanely raised, quality breeding stock and organic grass fed freezer beef from our small herd of Texas Longhorn and Black Angus cattle. Our cattle are born here, and gentle, hand raised here. We have 24 acres of fertile bottomland pasture, fenced and cross-fenced. We do rotational grazing and keep our herd limited to no more than twelve adult animals. We take great care to keep our animals calm during the transport off site for processing, as well as thru the kill. Thus you never have the effects of having traces of adrenaline in the finished product. This makes a huge difference in tenderness and taste. Few people would know or better yet share this information with you, i will and forgive me if this is too graphic, i simply wish to demonstrate how much care goes into the finished product.
We are offering choice two year old steers.
A 100# box of standard retail cuts is $450.00.
A 50# box of the same is $225.00
We had three beef to send out this year, so when it's gone it's gone. Delivery is extra or you can pick up by appt. in Middlefield, Ohio (44062). Middlefield is nice to visit this time of year, so drop us a line or give us a call at 440-279-7086.
Kerns Farm has a page here and you can email me at kernsenterprises@yahoo.com if your interested in knowing more.

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Texas Longhorns, The Original American Cattle™
Quality Organic Grass-Fed Texas Longhorn & Registered Black Angus Beef
“Long-Angus” The Best of Both Worlds™
To Order Our Meats all Orders Must Be Secured With A Twenty Five Percent (25%) Deposit of Estimated Total Price.
The cattle here at the Kerns Ranch are raised 100% Organically, and for generations they have been Grass and Hay fed. Occasionally select animals are fed organically grown whole grains at a rate of no more than .5 of 1% of body weight per day. This is done when pasture conditions are poor due to adverse weather or during periods of extreme cold weather. We use NO hormones, steroids, wormers or growth implants of ANY kind, nor do any of the animals we raise ever receive any feeds other than organically produced grains and naturally occurring minerals. To be considered Organic a farm must use no chemicals (to include non-organic fertilizers), no pesticides, and no medications (including antibiotics) except as life saving measures. Our pastureland had lain fallow for 40 years and we have farmed it organically for the 15+ years we have lived on it. That’s 55+ years In an organic state, not many farms today can boast that. We were Organic before it was Cool to be Organic. Our Long-Angus (Longhorn/Angus Cross) and our Registered Black Angus are Graded, Dry-Aged 14-28 days and cut accordingly.
All meats are USDA inspected and packaged locally. Quality and Taste are our #1 goals.
Orders for Halves and Quarters are sold based on Hanging Weight, then cut, wrapped, and flash frozen, prices starting at $3.00 per pound for Texas Longhorn Beef, $3.50 per pound for Long-Angus Cross. Our Choice two year old Black Angus steers will be at current market prices. Hanging Weight is dressed carcass weight; this differs from retail price per pound.
No Guesswork Special- Our 100 LB Mixed Package-Special $450.00, at below current Market Price. When it’s gone it’s gone. This Package is an even share of all the popular steaks and roasts from over the whole animal to give you a little bit of everything to please your palate in all seasons. A variety of tasty cut’s, creates a package of approximately 100 lbs. You will need about 3-4 cubic feet of freezer space. The mix includes approximately 20 pounds of various steaks, 15 pounds of boneless roasts, 15 pounds of bone-in roasts, 5 pounds of stew meat, 5 pounds of short ribs, and 40 pounds of lean ground beef. If this interests you, Please indicate this selection on the order form below.
Our Texas Longhorn ground beef includes all select cuts meaning: Round, Fillets, Chuck, Sirloin, etc., the finished product being very lean (90-95%) and tasty. Orders for 25# at $3.85 per pound, and 50# at $3.75 per pound, and can be a mix of 1#and 2# packages and Bulk boxed ¼ pound hamburgers. Call for availability
Please call if you have any questions. Please indicate your choice on the form below and include your form of payment. We are pleased to accept your personal checks or cash. Pick Up, Deliveries or shipments from the farm can be arranged for any size order of 50# or more. Shipping charges are additional to all prices shown. Market Prices per pound are listed. We will call to confirm Price and Availability. All breeds of cattle and/or cuts are not always available.

Freezer Beef Package, Standard Retail Cuts - Please Circle Selection ½ beef ¼ beef

No Guesswork Special - 2011 Budget Friendly Boxed Beef
Sent out for Processing 9/31/2011- Dry aged 14 days, cut, wrapped, and frozen

____ 100 Lb. Mixed Package- $450.00 – Choice Black Angus Beef-Popular size for two to four people

____ 50 Lb. Mixed Package-$225.00 – Choice Black Angus Beef- Perfect size for two people

Name: _________________________ Email Address: _____________ Phone#________________

Street Address:_____________________________________________________________________________

Town:____________________________ State: ____________________ Zip Code_________________

Please Make Checks out to: James Kerns Phone 440-279-7086
Kerns Farm 1448 Kinsman Rd. NW, North Bloomfield, Ohio 44450


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