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I have 3 hens that are about 4 months old, full size and about ready to lay.  Then I got 10 more chicks that are now about 6 weeks old.  They are feathered and they are all outside. The chick's tractor is inside the big girl's run.  I will be needing to combine them in the next few weeks due to space restrictions in the tractor.  I've read some places that they need to be the same size when introduced and then I've read the younger the better.  Anyone have experience with this?

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Angela - We have a flock of 16 and a new flock of 16 that we started as baby chicks in March. I was also nervous about the introduction but they had plenty of time to look at each other through a fence (like your big girls with and the chicken tractor). After a week or two period the new flock was used to not being in the brooder and the big hens stopped starring at the new flock I let them out in the run together. I was shocked that there was no feathers flying. It has been over a month and finally the two flocks are "starting" to co-mingle. They simply hung out in their respective flocks in different parts of their run. They new flock at the time was half the size as the big hens although now they are closer in size and getting ready to lay in August (ish). So while I don't have the exact answer you are looking for in my experience it ended up being no big deal. I would watch that the 10 chicks don't out number or bully your 3 hens and that the combined run has enough room to let birds escape from each other. Good luck with your growing flock!
Thanks for the info.  I decided to give it a try after they were seperated inside the same area for about a week and it went great.  I opened them both into the run and gave them a bunch of food they were so interested in the food they wern't to worried about eachother.  The big ones let the younger ones know who was boss but nothing violent or out of hand.  I think the babies being so much younger made them submit easily and order was established.  I did leave the tractor inside the run with food and water and left it open enough for the babies to get in but not the big chickens.  After 4 or so days I closed off the little one at night and they all have been sleeping in the big coop at night.  The little ones still sleep away from the big ones but I couldn't be happier with how it went. 


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