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I'm in the market for some Ameraucanas NOT Araucanas.  If anyone has any or has information I'd love to get 2-4 chicks.  Thanks in advance

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Hi Alex,


There is a breeder in Geauga that keeps them, and several other interesting breeds.





Thanks so much!! That's perfect! :)

I got my chicks from Meyer hatchery in Polk Ohio.  They have Ameraucana's as well.  The next hatching they have them available from would be in early May.  If you were interested I would like one or 2 as well.  They have a 3 chick minimum. I would be willing to pick them up and then you could meet me here near brunswick.  Females are $2.70 for day old chicks.

Hi Alex,

We've raised Ameraucanas as well as Araucanas for years in our flock of 60-80 chickens. Just a head's up. These breeds seem less winter hardy. Even young hens lay very little during the colder and darker months. Colorful eggs are nice, but we're no longer breeding these chickens. Instead we focusing on poultry breeds that are well adapted to Northern Ohio.



Less hardy in that they don't deal with the cold well, or just that they stop laying?


As for better adapted for Ohio, which breeds are you raising? I would imagine that there is everyone's favorite Buckeye (ALBC Threatened), and Dorkings (ALBC Threatened), but might I suggest the Chantecler? They were bred specifically for the wintry climes of Canada, well known to lay through the winter and the ALBC has them listed as Critical on their preservation priority list.

I actually got Ameraucanas and bantam Russian Orloffs.  Babies will be arriving home on Saturday!  Thanks everyone for the help and input.  I'm sure our flock will be getting bigger sooner than later


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