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I can find few of my red worms in my compost bins.  Probably got some grass with grub killer in it.  I need a source of red worms to replenish the population.  Any one know of a source of worms?  I will pay for the right quantity (I'm in Cleveland Hts.).



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I am happy to share some of my worms with you, I can spare a few pounds. I am in Lakewood and can meet most evenings to transfer. E-Mail me rex@straightshooter.com

When you build up your population, share with someone else, it's how I got started!

are you still looking for worms? if so, i got em!
Thanks, Maurice, but I did get some worms from Dan Morgan.
Hey Dan and Maurice--I'm starting a small home vermiculture bin. I need worms and can't find a local source. Either of you have extras?

Thanks! Kim
i can get you what you need.
Great--I sent you a note to your inbox for details. Thanks!


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