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About 20 of us had the good fortune last Saturday and Sunday to attend the first of a six-weekend Permaculture Design Course taught by three really inspirational instructors--Peter Bane, Josh Beniston and Mark Cohen (more about the course in a separate post).  One gift they each had was the one sentence zinger, a pithy summation of a core permaculture concept.  So I thought I would share some oif the zingers I was able to write down and invite other attendees to do the same.  I'm not entirely sure which instructor said what, so I'll just list a few without attribution:


1. " Get out of the concept of doing the least amount of (environmental) harm.  The issue is how do we compensate to make our impact more positive."


2. "The world is on fire; we have no time to hurry."


3. "Waste equals food and (its effective use) is the key to diversity."


4. "The genius of small and slow is that we are able to incorpoarate the learning we need."


5. "A species is like a power tool.  It's like a ring on your finger that gives you great power."


6.  "We are all psychic.  We just agree by cultural norm that we are not."


7.  "(In the jungle) the analog to the credit card is the machete."


8. "You don't have weeds.  You just have not observed long enough."


Anyone have any to add?



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This is great Tom! I can't wait to go rifle through my notes...


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