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Hey folks.  I love the enthusiasm on here, and I apologize for not being in touch, but as the days get sunnier, I work more and more.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend Deagan's on Thursday, but I encourage everyone else to get together.


That being said, I want to remind everyone that at our first meeting we developed a one year timeline.  This was to allow us to get our facts together before talking to city council and to develop a critical mass of Lakewood citizens, organizations, and businesses.  The one year timeline was also established so that we didn't make the same mistake that our predecessors did two years ago.  That mistake was rushing to city council without any kind of critical mass.


Though our numbers on here have doubled from eight to 17, I hardly think we represent any kind of Lakewood voice.  I also definitely don't feel we have any of our facts together.  Therefore, I think talking to Mary Louise Madigan is way pre-mature and could be damaging.  If this is the expedited route we collectively choose to go forward with, then I will personally wish you all and the hens the best, but my involvement in the project will cease.


That being said and with Martha Stewart all chicken crazy, perhaps the time's have changed, and Lakewood City Council might be more wanting to jump on the chicken bandwagon.  The time might be perfectly right to rush hens in Lakewood through City Council.  However, if the time isn't right, I don't want to be there or be responsible.









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I agree with you that we don't want to rush this and possibly mess this up.  From what I have understood happening so far this is just another step in the fact gathering/brainstorming process.  I think that if we can speak to Mary Madigan off the record so to speak, in an informal setting to get her input I think that would help our cause, not hurt it.  I agree that we are in no way ready to head to city council to present anything.  If she has suggestions to how we could proceed that would be great.  If she can tell us a bit about what happening the first failed attempt we can avoid those same mistakes.   We would also get someone from the council, that we will one day be facing, to let us know what council's concerns are so we will be more prepared.  It seems that we are all enthusiastic about what is happening with the group, but I don't see that we are moving in the wrong direction or too fast.  Of course this is just my opinion on what's happening, I could be wrong.
No, I totally agree with you Pete, I was thinking the same thing. It's not like we are storming city council just yet, the next meeting for that is on the 26th. No way that's gonna happen this month.

I'm glad to hear that everybody is willing to take a step back and breathe.  Have fun tonight. 


If anybody can determine if there is an online petition site that can be used for the "Hens in Lakewood" campaign, that would be great.




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