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Hey folks.  I'm glad to see some action on here.  I am certain that most of us are serious as serious can be about getting chickens in Lakewood.  Though I do want chickens now, I feel it's advisable that we all move forward slowly this time.


What I'd like everybody to do is focus on those three-tiers:  Businesses, Organizations, and Citizens.


Now what I mean by that, is that we all as individuals can all rally up the troops.  For example, does anybody frequent a restaurant/bar and perhaps knows the owner well enough to get that restaurant/bar on board.  Or is anybody part of the Lakewood Kiwanis/any church group/or other professional organization?  It would be great to have a diverse depth to our cause.  And if you don't know any business owners or organizational groups, we can all talk to our friends and neighbors.  Eventually, I want to get all these folks on a petition of sorts and go from there.


In positive news, Melt Bar and Grilled is formally on board as of last week.


In the meantime, I am all for meeting up, but my time is scarce right now with spring planting and the weather dictating my life.


Be in touch and keep communicating.


Justin Husher

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Justin, have you tried to reach Lakewood Leaf?  I bet that they would get on board.

How about anyone from Bay Branch Farm in Lakewood?  They would be good too.



How about Lakewood Hardware? They might be willing to get on board and maybe become a "headquarters" of sorts for chicken supplies when this becomes a reality. We would need supplies to build coops, hardware clothe, fasteners, etc. They might be up for stocking things like feed trays, water systems, heat bulbs maybe even feed. It would be nice to have a local source. I'd like to keep my money in Lakewood if given a choice.

Well thought :)


I wrote my councilman about this a few days ago, before I found this place. He was very lukewarm to the idea but willing to listen. He did mention contacting Lakewood Leaf and councilman Tom Bullock as they had talked about this in the past.

If anyone has time these next few days I'd love to meet up and talk, just informal, maybe over a cup of coffee just to exchange some ideas. If anyone is interested let me know. I'm off work Friday and Monday so I have a long weekend.

Pete, I am up for coffee and idea exchange if you have any time on Sun or early Sat available.  Anyone else in?



Count me in.  I am free Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Let me throw out Panera's at the corner of St. Charles and Detroit as a possible meeting spot.  They have a quiet area in the back that can seat 6-8 people and have free parking in the back.

I can do either Early Sat or anytime Sun.  Panera sounds great.  Anyone else in?


How does 9 AM Saturday at Panera's work?  We need more than two voices!
With copious amounts of coffee I can do 9am Saturday morning...lol

3 of us so far.  I also posted invites on Lakewood LEAF, Bay Branch Farms, and Local Food Cleveland's Facebook pages. 


Well, as indicated by the number of posts on this group from me, I'm definitely interested...but can't make this Saturday by 9:00. Can someone fill me/us in on the meeting after it happens?


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