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I've had a couple of conversations with April Stoltz from LEAF. April was involved in this the first time it was presented, and has some valuable information to share. She's also well-connected with council members and has been having some conversations with different folks to begin paving the way for this to happen. April would like to meet with members of this group to share her experience and information.  She's also got some more folks who are interested in joining the group.


We thought maybe we could meet before, after or during the Local Food Cleveland Network event on Monday, May 2nd or on a weekend. Please reply back and let us know if you are interested in attending, and if your preference is to meet at the network event, or on a Saturday and/or Sunday.

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I can do either the event or on a SAT/SUN morning.  Let me know :)
I'm available after 5pm most days or weekend mornings, whatever works.

I am interested and am available anytime on Sunday, and until 10:30am or afrer 3pm on Saturday.

On weekdays I am free until 10am. or after 5pm.



there's a lot of after 5 pm folks on here.  i've been on the fence about monday's e4s event at the greenhouse tavern, but since others are going, i'll be sure to make it.  hope to see most of the rest of you there.



Was anyone able to attend and meet with April?  I had a last minute change in plans and couldn't attend.
Hi Pete, April and Justin met....Angel wasn't able to find them due to the crowd. We're going to set another time to meet in a less crowded place and divide up some things to get done.

Hi all! Michelle and I wrote councilwoman Mary Louise Madigan in ward 4 and this is what she sent me!

"Hi Michelle,

We did consider this once about 2 years ago. I'm happy to talk to you about it, please call me at 228-9578.
Where do you live in Lakewood? Maybe we can meet with other interested parties
Mary Louise"
I think we should take her up on her offer to meet!

Count me in if you set up a meeting.


Sounds good Reese!  I'd be up for a meeting as well.

Hi guys,


I'd love to be part of meeting with Mary Louise.  I do know her from the Lakewood Dems Club.  I think that if the meeting is set up and once it is set up we should meet first to get real clear about everything.  There are perception issues that came  up last time that we need to address with her.  I spoke with her at the Lakewood Dems christmas party about chickens in Lakewood and I think that we must be well organized and thought through.  So, could we do two things?  Good work Reese, try to set up a meeting with her and we must meet soon so that we are really on top of our game here.  I think we are asking for a pilot project first, at last count I think we have three people who are willing to be the places with chickens in this pilot project.  But I can't emphasize enough the need to have it together for a meeting with Mary Louise.  If we are able to get her interest and support this would be very important.  So, when can we meet first?  Is there a week day after 6:00 that works for us or does it have to be Sat. or Sun.  Start  checking in on this now.  Lets do it.



Week nights after 6 work for me except on Fridays.  Also early morning on Sat/Sun will work too.  Except for the 14th because I am attending the OSU "Raising Chickens" seminar that day.  Anyone else signed up?


April, I am willing to be part of the pilot and have a good size backyard on Garfield Avenue that is fenced in too.  Please keep me in mind.  I would also like to get together to construct the petition.

I'll try my best to make any meeting we can set up, I'm pretty flexible after work hours (5pm) and weekends. I would be more than willing to be part of a pilot program as well. Lets do this!


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