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I've had a couple of conversations with April Stoltz from LEAF. April was involved in this the first time it was presented, and has some valuable information to share. She's also well-connected with council members and has been having some conversations with different folks to begin paving the way for this to happen. April would like to meet with members of this group to share her experience and information.  She's also got some more folks who are interested in joining the group.


We thought maybe we could meet before, after or during the Local Food Cleveland Network event on Monday, May 2nd or on a weekend. Please reply back and let us know if you are interested in attending, and if your preference is to meet at the network event, or on a Saturday and/or Sunday.

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I'll try my best to make any meeting we can set up, I'm pretty flexible after work hours (5pm).  I would be more than willing to be part of a pilot program as well.  Lets do this!
Weekdays on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays work for me right now. Sat/Sun are okay, sometimes.
I would be happy to set up a meeting time! Someone mentioned that the OSU extension could be an invaluable resourse in chicken keeping facts. Does anyone know about that? It looks like sometime after 5 works for just about everyone. corrrect? If so I will leave her a message and try to set up something for next week to give us time to get resources together. Let me know!


I found a few good links. The first is a tip sheet for planning effective public meetings, the second is a link to Clevelands livestock Ordinance. We could come up with some ideas from it, and answer some of the questions we might get about limitations etc. Hope this is helpful!




Hi Everyone,

The best days for me this coming week is Thurday, Friday and Saturday or Sunday morning.  If its in the evening I think Annie from LEAF mentioned that Deagans might let us use their side room if available.  If in the morning perhaps one of the coffee houses or Black Bird Bakery.  I saw Lynn Rodeman yesterday, she lives in Lakewood and has chickens in Cleveland and said that she is interested and willing to be part of this movement and would be an asset in reguards to doing it with many answers to questions.  Reese, I think we shouldn't call Mary Louise until we have our meeting date set.  So folks, check in on the times.  I think it is really great that we have so many who want to be pilot projects.  I also think that whoever is taking that class on chickens would be an extra added piece in convincing Mary Louise that we aren't just going into this willynilly.  She is now president of city council.  Morgan Taggert who is with the OSU extension was instrumental in getting Cleveland's legislation passed.  Joe Cimperman was the council person who championed it.  Carl Skalak who is the farmer of Blue Pike Farm and where I volunteer, sent me the petition he wrote to use in collecting the many voices of Cleveland residents who supported the law change.  Tom Bullock sent me lots of emails we need to look at reguarding Lakewood.  Angel, send me your email address and I can forward Carl's petition to you.  He changed it to read Lakewood.  In my mind I want to give council a folder full of all kinds of information to make the case.  Perhaps we should start now and have this for Mary Louise.  Anyway, lets see if we can meet this week while this is all fresh.  Also, I spoke with Jim O'Brian of the Lakewood Observer on retreiving all the articles that came out when Tom tried it last time.  Can someone do the computer thing and go to the Observer's site and read all the comments on the Observation Deck that were written two years ago in response to trying to get chickens?  I'll try to do this too.  We should probably all do it.  I think it will be an invaluable insight into what kinds of arguments we will come up against.  Also, Annie from LEAF is interested in being part of anything we do.  Gosh, I could go on and on.  I'm sorry.  Check in, lets get our day and then do some homework and set the day with Mary Louise.

Any day but Wednesday this week will work for me (after 6 is best for me too). 


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sat, Sun all work.

Im free anytime afrer 5 this week. Except Wednesday(I'll have to check on that day)

I can do any day except Friday and Saturday.  Sunday would have to be in the morning.  Sorry my schedule is so tight, but I am working my part time job at Playhouse Square all weekend due to a lot of shows. 

April, my email address is angel.neal@ymail.com . 

By the way, the direct link to the OSA Agriculture Spring Newsletter i:




The chicken seminar is free and all you have to do is RSVP.  I think that it will really show credibility for as many of us to go as possible.  The rest of the newsletter is pretty good reading material too!  They also offer other free lectures and seminars on gardening, canning, and other related subjects.

We haven't heard from Justin or Pete but it looks like the best times we could all meet so far is Thursday evening (6:00) or Sunday morning.  I am going to suggest we try Deagans for Thursday  or the library and Black Bird Bakery for Sunday.  I'm shooting for Thursday first.  I will ask at Deagans today.  Is this o.k. with everyone?  I could do later on Thursday and while I go to church on Sunday it doesn't start till 10:30 and I am definately a morning person and could meet early.  I will start this ball rolling today with the understanding that it could change.  For those who haven't checked in on time,now is the time to do so.

I am available for either date/time.



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