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Hi, Local Food Friends!
If you're looking for a way to optimize your body's function in addition to your great diet and support of locally grown foods, I encourage you to find room in your life for physical activity. Many of you are most likely very active people, and that is excellent! You deserve oodles of kudos because you have differentiated yourselves from the masses already and are taking your health very seriously.

If you desire to take your fitness to the next level or know somebody who needs a little help, then contact me about my Lakewood fitness class. We'll raffle off a $449 stationary bike from FitnessServe in addition to other prizes. The raffle is exclusive only to class members.

Otherwise, keep visiting Local Food Cleveland for tidbits from me that will help you stay motivated, fit and ultimately happy because this online community will become a great resource of info!

Yours respectfully,

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